Factors to take into consideration when deciding whether to hire an immigration attorney:

  1. Immigration applications do not simply involve filing in application forms. Remember, you are presenting yourself as a person who has been present in the U.S. in violation of the law. It is helpful to have an experienced professional, who understands the risks and potential pitfalls of immigration law, to assist you in presenting yourself correctly.
  2. Proving eligibility may prove to be harder than it seems. The USCIS has released information on what documents will be acceptable. If you do not have such documents, experienced immigration attorneys can often help find solutions.
  3. This opportunity may not present itself again. The last time the government granted help to those in the country without status, the extension of INA Section 245(i) in 2001, many people missed out because they relied on “notarios” to file fraudulent or frivolous applications. Some “notarios” simply took people’s money and filed nothing.

Learn as much as you can about the requirements for deferred action.

Renewing Deferred Action Status

Added 8/6/2014: DACA has been renewed and applicants should apply for renewals 4 months in advance of their expiration.

When you decide to look for help, contact a Florida Immigration Attorney.

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